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Announcing PayPredict v3

PayPredict v3 is here and it's the best version ever.

Team Evenly - May 05, 2021
Product Updates

Why Customer Reliability Matters to Your (and Every Other) Business

Customer Reliability is a new concept in business management that matters to every business, no matter what the size. Find out more about it.

Team Evenly - May 04, 2021
Product Updates

PayPredict is here!

Cashflow problems is not a single thing. It’s a set of things that, when combined, create the conditions that put 63% of small businesses at risk according to a recent Wakefield Research study. To kick things off, we decided to create PayPredict, a tool focused on helping small businesses with credit risk. Credit Risk is an official sounding term but is really about understanding whether or not...

Team Evenly - Aug 03, 2020
Product Updates

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