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Why we built Evenly and why it matters.

If you do business with other commercial entities, knowing who they are is good but knowing what they'll do is gold.

For instance, what does it matter if you have a well-known customer with great people if they're about to stop paying you as promised? Or what about the supplier who makes great products you rely on who will stop supplying you in 3 months?

Despite its obvious importance, no-one in the past had been able to solve the difficult challenge of accurately predicting counter-party behavioural risk in real-time.

That's because things like customer payment behaviour or a supplier's ability to continue supplying is constantly changing and is impacted by myriad different factors. No single business will ever have sufficient visibility into all those factors about a given customer or supplier to be able to accurately predict behaviour in advance.

The problem becomes even more difficult when dealing with the ~98% of businesses that are SMEs. Most of the relevant data that traditional risk measures use is missing, incorrect or hidden at the smaller end of the market. Yet that's where the impact of poor behaviour is felt the most.

The idea of behavioural analysis as a completely new approach to understanding business risk that fills many of the existing gaps, and the immense challenge of creating these insights and making them easily consumable by business of all sizes, is why we built Evenly.

Our team of world's best data scientists, risk professionals and product builders, give you unparalleled real-time behavioural predictions for every entity in Australia, small or large, so you can know how reliable your customers and suppliers are and how they might impact your business, even before they do.

Evenly's unique approach to understanding commercial relationships, built from analysis of trillions of dollars of commercial trade and billions of records, both public and proprietary, gives us the most complete set of data available - allowing us to give you real-time and unique insights into your customer and supplier behaviour.

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