Announcing PayPredict v3

Team Evenly - May 05, 2021 - Product Updates

We've released the latest version of PayPredict, full of the best tools we've ever given you to understand your customers and the impact they have on your business.

A key focus of this version is a new concept called Customer Reliability.

Customer Reliability helps you understand if your customers are going to help or hinder your business growth, both from a short-term and long-term perspective

Whether you use PayPredict or not you should still be thinking about Customer Reliability. Read more about 'What Customer Reliability is and Why It Matters' HERE.


Apart from the new focus on Customer Reliability there are a whole bunch of new tools to help businesses who use PayPredict.

Changes for all businesses include:

  • A beautiful new redesign of the main dashboard and customer profile pages
  • Time series data, to let you know how your customer scores have been tracking over time
  • Equifax scores, alerts and more now included FREE inside your Paypredict Account (a saving of hundreds of dollars!)
  • New Real-Time Alerts and Recommendations so you're not only kept up to date on things you should know about, you're also given recommended actions to directly address those alerts.
  • Automated Invoice Reminders
  • Shared notes inside customer profiles to keep everyone posted; and more

Changes for Accountants and Bookkeepers include:

  • Shareable reports
  • Advisor landing pages, giving you easy access to every linked client
  • Discounted pricing for Pro accounts; and more


As always, the new version is all free, including unlimited users, tracking, reminders and more, if you just need the basics or only $15/month if you want Pro features

Check out the new PayPredict, Now.

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