PayPredict and Xero for Advisors

A new way to provide value to your clients.

PayPredict enables you to offer a new class of service offering to your clients - comprehensive credit risk management - with little additional time or effort.

Charge or Bundle

Some advisors choose to offer this as an additional paid service. Others choose to bundle it into current offerings; either way you’ll be providing a service that reduces client cashflow issues and increases the likelihood they’ll be operating and growing, as your client, for years to come.

Free for Advisors and Your Clients.

PayPredict is FREE for registered bookkeepers and accountants and your clients - simply connect to the Xero certified app and there’s no charge for you or your client. Ever.

Already Offer Credit Risk Management Services?

If you already offer credit risk management services you'll love PayPredict. It's simpler, helps you increase engagement with your clients and includes unlimited customer tracking and unlimited users per account.

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*No credit card needed

Your clients will thank you.

PayPredict was built by a team of accountants and data scientists to give never before seen insights and proven tools to change your clients' customer payment behaviour.

Simple but Powerful

Give clients simple, visual ways to understand customer payment behaviour with AI-driven insights you can’t get directly from any accounting platform or connected app.

Build Awareness

Help clients be more aware of which customers are likely to be problematic and which customers they should be building stronger relationships with.


Have clients that like to be hands-off?With our report sharing tools, you can send clients to a read only version of the dashboard and tools so they can view, but not edit, account info. 

Increase client engagement.

PayPredict gives you tools and reports to increase client engagement and help them avoid cashflow issues. It also helps clients increase engagement with their own customers, helping to make their business more resilient.  

Credit Risk Alerts

We'll give you real time notifications so you can notify your clients in real time, or as part of your regular reporting schedule, if a client customer has had a change in credit risk level.

Entity Issues

We'll alert you to specific client customer entity issues such as ABN cancellations, judgements, Director issues and more, that you can share with your clients.  

Shareable Reports

Have clients that like to be hands-off?With our shareable reports, you can send clients to a read only version of the dashboard and tools so they can view, but not edit.

Incredibly Accurate Income Predictions

Our 30-day predicted income is based on an AI-derived prediction of exact invoice payment date of each invoice. Use these predictions to create even more accurate cashflow forecasts.  

Unlimited Customer Tracking

Every client customer is a potential credit risk, so tracking only some customers doesn't make sense. We allow you to track unlimited customers in your reporting. 

Tools to Improve Payment Behaviour

Reporting on credit risk is only half the challenge. What you really want to do is improve client customer behaviour. We give you tools to help with that.  

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