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The All-In-One Super App for Xero

3 tools in one at a fraction of the price of others. PayPredict bridges credit risk management, income forecasting and debtor tracking in a completely new way, giving you one tool to start having better client conversations about customer-led cashflow issues, and actions to improve them.

Credit Risk Management Tools

Using Evenly's unique, real-time SMB credit risk data and insights, PayPredict initially assesses the risk a customer will pay an invoice late, then tracks your invoices 24/7, sending you real time alerts if there's anything new you need to worry about.

Amazing Income Predictions

PayPredict gives you amazingly accurate 30-day predicted income forecast based on an Artifical Intelligence (AI) derived prediction of exact payment date of each invoice. Use these predictions to create even more accurate cashflow forecasts. 

Simple but Powerful Debtor Tracking

A perfect mix of automation and human intervention PayPredict's 7, 14 and 30 day reminders are sent weekly with advance warning allowing you or your clients to remove any upcoming reminders from that week's workflow.

The PayPredict Difference

Traditional bureaus and related services can tell you whether a client customer might be around in 12 months, but they can't tell you whether that customer is likely to pay their current or next invoice on time.

That's what Evenly does.

We can tell you right now whether a customer is likely to pay your client on time and, if not, the likely payment date, help you understand the impact the payment date will have on your client's business, and give you proven tools to encourage people to pay your clients on time more often.

We keep an eye on all your client invoices in the background and alert you in real-time of upcoming issues automatically. Then we give you regular updates you can share with clients for better conversations around cashflow helping you Save Time and Increase Engagement.

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Unlimited Tracking at a fraction of the price

PayPredict Pro is $15/month, per Xero account, with unlimited customer tracking and users. That's it.

No price tiers to track extra customers. No paying extra for additional users to access PayPredict dashboards or to send additional invoice reminders. Just one price for everything - as it should be.

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Save Time. Increase Engagement.

Simple insights, delivered to you when you need them, to help with client conversations. 
Simple actions that our data shows create a real difference in minimising client cashflow issues.

Real Time Alerts

Some things can't wait. When there's an urgent alert we send it to you and any other users straight away.

Weekly Emails

Weekly emails give you an overview of income prediction and overdue invoice amounts. Each weekly email also has one simple action that will take 2 minutes to complete at most.

Data shows if you weekly tasks are completed by either you or your client, cashflow issues will be reduced. It's that simple.

Share with Clients. Your way.

Share read-only dashboard links with clients to help drive your advisor conversations or give them access to take actions too.

PayPredict gives you the flexibility to work with your client in the way that best fits your advisor/client relationship.

How it works.

Get a better sense of how PayPredict works, in one minute (and a bit).

Great for you or for sharing with clients to help them better understand how PayPredict works once connected.

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