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On this page you'll find everything you need to get started and continue enjoying using PayPredict.

If anything is missing or you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us


Getting started with Evenly PayPredict is super simple.

  1. Click on a any of the red "Get Started / Try for Free" buttons on the site or on this link to start the process.

  2. On the registration page enter your Xero login details into the relevant fields NB: The Xero Login box is provided by Xero and at no time does Evenly or the PayPredict service see your Xero password.

  3. Once Xero verifies your login details are correct you'll be taken to a page where you can provide your own name and email to set up your PayPredict account (don't forget to click on the subscribe to our mailing list box to stay update with news and product updates from PayPredict).

  4. PayPredict will now take a few seconds, depending on how many customers you have, to prepare a list of your customers and take you to your personalised dashboard.

And that's it! You're now setup.

Registered Accountants and Registered Bookkeepers

If you are a registered accountant or bookkeeper please visit our dedicated advisor page for more information about how PayPredict helps advisors add value to their clients and to get started.


Once you’re registered and have accessed your dashboard, you'll see a series of numbers and graphs across 3 rows.

The top row should be the most important to you. It tells you the dollar amount of invoices due to you in the next 30 days and a prediction of how much of that you'll actually receive. This prediction is developed using various data sources which predict when each individual invoice is expected to be paid.

Below that you'll see an overview of your business as it exists today. Number of customers, a breakdown of reliability of customers, and how many invoices are currently overdue and their value.

You can click into any of those for more information and can even send overdue reminders to your customers right out of PayPredict without having to go back into your accounting system

The third row helps to explain the risk that any of your customers will pay any future invoices late. They're broken into high, medium and low risk categories. We've worked with behavioural psychologists to create emails that you can send to these customers to help reduce that risk and make them better payers in future. You should definitely try those actions out.

From there, PayPredict will send you one email a week with an overview of your business and one very specific task to help you quickly start improving customer payment behaviour. In addition, Paypredict will send real time alerts for anything that needs your attention. Keep up to date with your emails and in no time you'll be in charge of customer payment behaviour like never before.

If you like to be more hands on, you can jump into your dashboard any time and keep on top of things from there.


Business Owners

Details on current PayPredict pricing can be found on the Pricing Page.

If you're like us and hate paying full price for things, there are 2 easy ways to get PayPredict cheaper:

  1. Take advantage of our Referral Program and get anywhere between 20 and 100% off your subscription

  2. Get your registered accountant or bookkeeper to sign up (professionals get access to PayPredict for free through our Partner Portal) and ask them to invite you. Anyone invited by a registered accountant or bookkeeper also gets PayPredict for free.

Registered Accountants and Bookkeepers

PayPredict is free for registered accountants and bookkeepers. All you need is information about your registration as requested on the sign up page

As mentioned above, once you sign up, any client you invite will also get PayPredict for free


Does PayPredict collect any financial information about my business?

No. PayPredict only collects information about how your customers have paid you and does not view or collect financial information about your business including your own payment history or your financial position more generally.

Will PayPredict have access to my Xero password?

No. The Xero login box on our site is provided by Xero. PayPredict has no visibility of, or access to, your username and password information as it is encrypted and sent directly to Xero. PayPredict simply receives authority to access your Xero account from Xero if they have verified your login details are correct.

How do you determine customer payment risk / which colour a traffic light will be?

In order to maintain the integrity of the PayPredict system, and to prevent it from being gamed, the exact variables that contribute to the algorithms which calculate payment risk probabilities, and their individual weighting, are not publicly available.

What we can say is that our data scientists are focused on accuracy of prediction and are regularly updating the underlying algorithms as more data is made available.

That having been said, if you think there’s an issue with how we’re reporting on a particular customer, please contact us using the contact details below and we’ll be in touch.

What is PayPredict Intel?

In addition to information from your accounts and public records, the data scientists at PayPredict have built another way to determine how likely your business customers are to pay (or not pay). We've done this using AI/Machine Learning techniques and over 200 data sources that we believe have never before been used for this purpose.

PayPredict Intel assesses whether your business customer is the type of business that is likely to have payment issues under the current economic conditions. It is not tied to the payment risk of the business itself, but the payment risk of businesses like it, using hundreds of different data sources.

As such, the algorithm, or calculations, approaches the problem of non-payment from a new angle and is used to build out a more well-rounded picture of your customers than traditional methods.

How do I cancel my account?

Cancelling your PayPredict account is as easy as logging into PayPredict, going to your account page then selecting Disconnect Xero.

When you disconnect your Xero account you'll also delete your PayPredict Account.

Cancelling your account will automatically cancel any subscription you have.

Are there any privacy issues with sharing customer payment information?

No. PayPredict has written confirmation from the Australian Government's Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (previously known as the Privacy Commission) confirming that there are is no issue with PayPredict's approach to risk profiling.

What is Comprehensive Monitoring?

Comprehensive Monitoring is the highest level of monitoring and notifications PayPredict provides.

Next to each customer name will be 3 circles that will either be green, yellow or red. We call these circles traffic lights.

Each traffic light represents the probability of payment issues with that customer based on the specific data source.

Currently, the data sources are:

If you'd like more detail just click on the customer name and you'll be taken to the customer detail page.

Once you register with PayPredict there's no need to do anything else. Our automated data updating means PayPredict now works for you 24x7, sitting in the background keeping an eye out for any new payment related issues that may arise. If we do find something we'll notify you via the email address you provided at registration.

What is Partial Monitoring

Partial Monitoring is a low level of monitoring based only on your Xero accounts data. Because there is no associated ABN we're unable to use the full range of data sources available to us to monitor these customers.

When you look at the Partial Monitoring list you will see a traffic light for Xero Data and greyed out lights for Public Data and PayPredict Intel.

In some cases that's not an issue. For instance, if your customer is an individual (not to be confused with a sole trader with an ABN) then they wouldn't have an ABN and we wouldn't be able to provide the additional data in any case.

If the customer is a business or company, however, you are missing out on most of our monitoring tools, which means you could also be missing out on critical alerts. The good news is fixing this is as simple as adding the correct ABN to the underlying customer contact card in Xero.

To see more detail on customer payment history from customers in the Partial Monitoring list, just click on the customer name and you'll be taken to the customer detail page.

As with Comprehensive Monitoring, Partial Monitoring now works for you 24x7, sitting in the background keeping an eye out for any new payment related issues, but only from from your Xero Data, that may arise. If we do find something we'll notify you via the email address you provided at registration.

PayPredict Referral Program

The PayPredict Referral Program is a simple way to get great discounts of between 20-100% on PayPredict subscriptions.

For every person you invite via your referral code, that then goes on to start a Free Trial, you'll receive 20% off your subscription and they'll also receive 20% off their subscription if they move to a paid plan at the end of their trial.

  • Refer one friend and both you and they get 20% off
  • Refer 3 friends and you get 60% off and they each get 20% off
  • Refer 5 friends and you get 100% off, forever, and they each get 20% off

To get your referral code

  • Log into the Dashboard
  • Click the "Send Invites" button in the menu on the left hand side of the page. Everything you need is on the invite page.
  • You can send an email directly from in there or if you prefer, you can take your referral code and share it anyway you like - email, social media etc.

It's an awesome way for you and your friends to get PayPredict discounted or for free.

How do Subscriptions work?

Once you get to the end of your Free 14 Day Trial of PayPredict, you can decide to subscribe to PayPredict Pro and continue to receive all of the additional monitoring and alerts or revert back to PayPredict Free, which provides a lighter version of the service.

Pricing and features associated with each subscription type is available on the Pricing Page and terms of the subscription payments are on our Terms and Conditions Page.

Have any more questions? Please contact us.


Evenly PayPredict integrates with your Xero accounts to access a list of your business customers (as determined by ABN) and to access invoice history to produce the simple-to-understand reports of how those business customers have paid you in the past.

We then analyse that information and marry it with 2 additional data sources so you can easily answer one question "Will I be paid on time or is there something I should be worried about?"

Below is an overview of that data flow from Xero

PayPredict and Xero