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It doesn't make sense...

We check Google Reviews to avoid bad restaurants or plumbers but we do nothing to avoid bad customers, until it's too late.

PayPredict is the only tool that lets you pre-check potential customers for free, then monitor all your ongoing customers in one place, so you’re never in the dark.

Now that makes sense!

How It Works!  

Help your business to grow in 3 easy steps:

  1. Connect to PayPredict's Xero certified app (You can disconnect immediately, anytime)

  2. Instantly get new insights about each of your customers - or potential customers. How reliable are they and how do they compare to similar businesses?

  3. Sit back and relax. We'll monitor your customers for any issues and alert you to potential problems, including suggested actions, for each different alert type.

Know Before You Go  

Have your new customers or prospects had past issues? Have they even given you the correct legal information?

Investigate potential business customers before it’s too late with PayPredict’s free, in-built QuickCheck tool. A first for Australia.

Protect Your Business  

PayPredict monitors thousands of data sources to give you unique, AI-driven predictions and 24/7 monitoring of your customers:

  • Will they pay your invoices on time?

  • How will their payment behaviour affect your cashflow?

  • Are they likely to run into any problems in the next 12 months?

Get these insights and more in seconds including suggested actions for any issues we find.

The Customer Reliability App For Xero Users

LEARN MORE about Customer Reliability and why it matters.

Payment Reliability - Evenly

Can you rely on your customers to pay you on time and not affect your cashflow?

Evenly Risk Scores are incredibly accurate customer payment behaviour predictions built on thousands of internal and external data sources.

Discover if customers will pay existing or upcoming invoices as promised with real time alerts for any major issues.

Ongoing Reliability - Equifax

Equifax, Australia's largest credit bureau, measures the likelihood that your customer's business will run into problems over the next 12 months.

Get FREE Equifax scores, alerts and more directly inside PayPredict.

Want to buy full reports from Equifax? You can do that too, straight out of any customer profile.

Amazing Income Predictions

PayPredict gives you amazingly accurate 30-day predicted income forecast based on an AI-driven prediction of the exact payment date of each current invoice.

Combined, these predictions give you a crystal ball into actual future invoice payments and income.

Unlimited Tracking at a fraction of the price

PayPredict is $24.99/month, per Xero account, with unlimited customer tracking and users. That's it.

No price tiers to track extra customers. No price increases for extra features. Just one price for everything you need.

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Notifications - When You Need Them.

Save time with simple insights, delivered to you when you need them, then follow up with simple, proven, suggested actions. All built to save you time to focus on your business.

Real-Time Alerts and Recommendations

Some things can't wait. When there's an urgent alert we think you should know about we send it to you and any other authorised users straight away.

You have the alert. Now what? Alerts also have recommendations included so you know possible next steps.

Weekly Emails

Weekly emails give you an overview of income prediction and overdue invoice amounts. Each weekly email also has one simple action that will take 2 minutes to complete at most.

Data shows if your weekly tasks are completed by someone associated with your business, customer-related issues will be reduced. It's that simple.


Make notes about a customer - e.g. actions you've taken or conversations you've had - and they're available to all other authorised users on your account to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Use an Accountant or Bookkeeper?
They love PayPredict Too.

Your accountant or bookkeeper is able to see all your reports and can use PayPredict to help with any cashflow planning and management accounting they do.

There's no additional cost to sharing with your advisor. PayPredict Pro is tied to your Xero account, not individual people, so anyone authorised to access your accounts is included in the monthly fee.

Would rather have your advisor sign up for you? No problem. Send them over to our Accountant and Bookkeeper page to understand how they can set up and use PayPredict for you.

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