Your Free Customer Risk Health Check.

When's the last time you did a health check on your customers? Connect your Xero accounts and we'll give you a one-off risk report on your current customers - good or bad.

(PS: No signup required and we'll disconnect from Xero automatically once the report is generated!)


PayPredict is the leading customer reliability app for Xero. We track $billions in transactions for our users, daily.

Want a high level view of your customer risks without having to sign up to PayPredict? We've got you covered!

What's in your Health Check report?

Find out who’s a risk to your business, based on hundreds of data sources, and the impact on your cashflow, including:

  • Breakdown of best and worst customers by reliability
  • Customer payment risk scores (Evenly)
  • Customer failure risk scores (Equifax)
  • Predicted 30 day income and shortfall vs expected
  • Key customer alerts

…and more


1. Connect

Connect to the Xero certified PayPredict app so we know which customers you want us to report on.

*We'll disconnect automatically once the report is done

2. View

In seconds you'll have your report and can start to understand key customer related risk insights.

3. Decide

Stop there, share with your accountant or dig in for more details. The choice is yours.

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